Gotta Let It Happen (Narry/Zouis/Lilo) - Chapter One 




"It’s just a spark but it’s enough to keep me going…"

Niall’s your typical Frat Boy, all about babes and beers. Harry’s such a hipster, nothing mainstream, can’t stand those douche-bag frat houses – especially guys like Niall! But when they’re both super drunk and have a quick fumble – what’s gonna happen to the ever so straight Niall and the hugely judgmental Harry. Not to mention Harry’s best mate, Zayn,  is falling hard and fast for the closeted Louis who’s so completely in love with his childhood best friend Liam, but Liam’s completely oblivious to it all. They’ve all just gotta let it happen!

Pairing: Narry, Zouis & Lilo 

Warning: Strong Language, Explicit Content (later)

Chapter One

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We Fell Through The Ice (as we tried to say it) - chapter eight 



 Louis likes tea, tattoos and music, he’s content in his own little shop, that is until there’s Harry who feels like he’s trapped in the footsteps of his father, taking over the business and working is really all Liam ever does, he likes things planned out and organized, he’s got his girlfriend and his flat and everything is pretty good for Zayn, who mostly likes girls, writing, and sleeping but then there’s just something about Niall, who somehow binds them all together.

He’s the kid who wears loose tank tops and snapbacks and seems to remember everyone even though he’s surrounded by so many people, all of them craving his attention. He’ll never be tied down by one person though, he’s definitely not that guy.

or Niall and Zayn are fratboys, Liam is a TA, Louis is a tattooed punk-rocker who owns a music shop and Harry is the son of a millionaire.

Pairing: Louis/Harry Zayn/Niall 

Warning: Mature

Chapter One - Zayn

Chapter Two - Louis 

Chapter Three - Zayn

Chapter Four - Louis

Chapter Five - Zayn

Chapter Six - Louis

Chapter Seven - Zayn

Chapter Eight - Louis:

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Anonymous said:  Have you written any one shots lately? I was looking thu your tabs and couldn't find any.


So the last (larry) two(larry/ziam) one shots I wrote was about 2 months ago.

Thing is I write a lot, I mainly work on WFTTI atm because on AO3 that is what people message me about.

On here I usually only get messages like this or “when are you updating” and to be honest with you it gets a little frustrating because writing takes time and effort and instead of a “I like what you did in that fic there and there” which might actually improve my writing, I only get people asking me when I’m writing more.

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that as well, it’s just not very inspiring.

I might be writing over the holidays, depending on how busy it gets, and will hopefully have my spirit back up again once I’ve had some time off.


Anonymous said:  inthemeadowwithlarry. tumblr. com/post/68624736907/harry-and-louis-holding-hands eep i found it (i had to go through my hand touching tag) but this is the person who originally posted it sooo maybe thhey know where its from..i dont get how people find these things sometimes

Well isn’t that just the cutest thing you’ve seen? Why are they doing that? why why why?

And you’ve got a hand touching tag? That’s awesome!

Come talk to me off anon, I’m nice, I promise :) xx

I have never seen this before. They are actually holding hands though, aren’t they?

Anonymous said:  Hi! are you gonna do a christmas one shot? xxx


well I just did the mini thing,

and I doubt I’ll have time to do a proper one, might be a couple more of those though. Christmas and family and all of that is probably going to take all my time. xx

"Hang on, are you opening that now? That’s a Christmas present, Lou!"
"I’m a rockstar, baby. I can do what I want!"
"Yeah," Harry bumped his shoulder against Louis’ as he sat down next to him, "you’re looking really rock and roll right now with the warm fuzzy socks, Christmas hoodie and hot chocolate."
"Oi! Don’t judge, it’s winter, my feet get cold!"
"I know, I sleep next to those feet," Harry wrinkled his nose and almost knocked them both over as he tried to angled himself around to kiss Louis’ toes.
"Hey, hey, hey! Watch the merchandise, I’m old and rusty as it is, don’t need any broken bones to go with that."
"You didn’t seem all that brittle last night," Harry took the mug of chocolate from Louis and managed to straddle him without knocking anything over, "anyways, Lou-bear, we should get going."
Louis shook his head, buried his nose in Harry’s neck.
"But baby it’s cold outside."
"Did you really just quote a Christmas song to me?"
"Sure did, I’ll keep doing it as well if you don’t kiss me… I can feel it coming… Something about Rudolf… a reindeer, I think. Oh, and Frosty, I definitely need to tell you about,-" Louis’ giggle was muffled against Harry’s soft lips and he felt rather than heard the ‘fine’ as the younger boy pressed harder against him. He nibbled at Harry’s bottom lip and let out a happy little sigh before curling in against his chest, feeling more relaxed now than he had done in weeks.


You read it all at once? It’s about 40.000 words! Thank you though, it does mean a lot :)

I”ll get the next chapter out as soon as possible, not sure if it’ll be before the holidays but I’ll try.


Anonymous said:  Ziall/ Larry FIC YA

I’m gonna take that as a compliment :) So yay, thank you xx 



i bet every time the boys want louis to quiet down they’d just rub his sensitive nipples until he’s biting down on his lips trying not to whimper

I bet they make a game out of it, like how many times they can do it in a day before Louis is practically…

That could easily be a thing too, Louis exaggerating the whimpers and when Harry drags him away he has that shit eating grin on his face that makes Harry realize what’s been going on. He’d wipe it off though, by really teasing Louis until he was just as desperate as he’d pretended to be.