"Have you seen it yet?" Louis sat down on their sofa and placed his laptop in front of them on the coffee table, giving Harry’s leg a little squeeze. 

"I haven’t. I mean, I’ve been tweeted about it enough, so I feel I’m ready." There was underlying humor in his voice and he winked at Louis as he pressed play and music (if you could call it that) filled the room. 

They watched in silence for a good 30 seconds before Louis huffed and scratched at his ear. 

"Has she always been this bad?" 

Harry giggled and slapped his leg lightly.

"Don’t be mean." 

"I wasn’t. I’m serious." 


"I’m not even kidding." 


"She shouldn’t be allowed to sing live."  

"Louis!" Harry tried to suppress a smile and took on a scolding look.

"You shouldn’t be mean to people." He had to bite his lip to keep his face straight and at that Louis poked his side and they laughed lightly together.

"Now shush or we’ll miss it!" 

They focused on the screen and were both stunned for a couple of seconds after.  

"Did she really just…?" 

Louis nodded in response, mouth hanging open in shock before slightly shaking his head to clear it and looked straight at Harry. 

"Well… I’m glad to hear she’s keeping busy.."

"… opening the Grammy’s."

It started as a small giggle and grew into full on laughter, making Harry’s stomach ache from laughing so hard as they replayed it, trying to imitate the accent and voice without cracking up.  

Later, when they’d calmed down and were snuggled up on the sofa with Louis on top of Harry he kissed the younger boy’s cheek and smiled softly. 

"I’m so glad you don’t have to pretend to even stand her anymore." He let out a deep sigh and added; "So much second-hand embarrassment.”

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